Class Rules and Regulations

Before class:

  1.  Check our calendar the night before and an hour prior to the lesson as students may still book your lesson. You can open your lesson weekly lesson availability. You may still update your schedule a day prior. If you have any clarifications, feel free to send a message to Ohanami support on Skype (live:.cid.773824a4fce8c102).

  2. You should be online (with the green status on Skype) 10 minutes before the class. 

  3. You should send “the class is on” when the learner answers the call, which will help us know that the class is already on going.

  4. You should prepare your materials before the class. 

  5.  When conducting first classes, make sure to follow the outline for trial classes. 

  6.  You should check your devices (computer/laptop, headset, internet, video recorder) carefully prior to the lessons.

  7.  You should download the files (PDF copies/audio files) you need for the class.

  8. If you are late for a maximum of 10 minutes, you should extend your lesson appropriately and report it to us on Ohanami Skype. If you can’t provide the class extension on the same day, kindly do it the next class.

  9.  If you cancel the lesson less than an hour before the lesson, we will be charging half of the payment. On the other hand, when the student cancels less than an hour before the lesson, you will be paid half of the amount of the lesson.

  10.  If you are no show and no information you will be charged the full payment of a lesson.

During class:


  1. If you cannot conduct the class for any reason, kindly notify us via Skype and via FB Messenger ( at least 1.5 hours before the scheduled class time. This regulation does not apply to inevitable circumstances such as sudden power outage, internet interruption & sudden health issues. Any notification on your behalf will not be counted unless you have a serious health issue with supporting documents.

  2. No class no pay but when a student is a no show, you will be paid the full amount.

  3. You should call the student, not otherwise.

  4. If your student is offline, please notify us via Skype. Take a screenshot of your call from the start of class time to the last minute of the class time and then send to us so that in case some parents complain about it, we have something to show them.

  5. If there is ANY problem during the class or any request made by the student (book change, change of schedule and etc.)  You must report it to us via Skype.

 After class:


  1. The class should always be a complete 25, 50, 60 and 90 minutes class. (Always check Skype’s call duration)

  2. Kindly accomplish the student’s report when requested.

  3. You are NOT allowed to delete conversation histories whether personal or about lessons in your Skype accounts because this helps for any clarifications.

Other regulations:


  1. You are not allowed to make decisions (change of schedule, materials and other details about the class) without notifying us.

  2. When you are not able to conduct classes due to personal reasons, please notify us 1.5 hours before the class. It will be us to inform the learner about cancellation of classes.

  3. When a student doesn’t notify the admin or the teacher before the class and doesn’t attend the class & if the student attends minutes before the class ends, the teacher is paid full. If the student or admin notifies you about a class cancellation at least an hour before the scheduled time, you can rest and the company doesn’t have to pay you.

  4. On Philippine holidays, it’s your choice whether to work or not as we don’t offer double pay on such days. 

  5. In case of emergencies in the middle of the class, inform us (not the learner). The class will be considered an incomplete class, a make-up class arranged by us can be done to make the shortened class complete.

  6. Please dress appropriately during classes.

  7. We would also like to HIGHLIGHT the importance of commitment. We all go through personal issues in life but we hope that we will also give importance to the job we applied to and agreed to do.

  8. A 7-day notice is required for any long vacation/leave.

  9. You are not allowed to reveal any information regarding your teaching activities in Ohanami and student’s information to any other person or institute without Ohanami’s approval.

  10. Student piracy, invitation to study privately with Ohanami’s students and making private or personal transactions with Ohanami’s students are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Once caught, the teacher won’t be paid from the start of the working period to the day she/he is caught. This violation could be a ground to terminate the employment of the teacher in Ohanami effective immediately and the salary left will be held for two months.

  11. Salary is sent every 5th of the month bank to bank.

  12. When you decide to resign, you must inform us at least a month before your official date of resignation. You have to fully support the hand over/transfer of your students to the next teacher by making a written endorsement that has the following details: Student’s name, age, approach for the student, book/lessons tackled, last lesson and next lesson including the link of the material/s. For short notices or sudden resignation that will jeopardize EP classes, 50% of the total salary shall be taken as a penalty for such violation. 

  13. All new teachers shall be on probationary period for a month. 

  14. We are looking for long-term collaboration with teachers. Failure to continue working within the first 6 months will result in losses of half of the most recent full month of salary, which will be deducted in the final payroll.

  15. Lastly, we have the right to suspend or terminate a teacher due to performance issues that would gradually affect not just him/her but the company’s performance & well-being as well.  Warnings will be given thru memorandums & after 3 strikes; we will be terminating his/her employment with us.

We appreciate your time.

Thank you for your interest in our family