What is Online Gakudo?

Gakudo(学童) is like kindergarten. Kids whose parents work until the evening can use Gakudo service. The kids go to Gakudo after school and spend time with other kids and teachers. They can play with other kids and do homework there. The teachers not only take care of them but offer some recreation class like drawing, arts, and music. Gakudo helps parents to work without worrying about their kids. 

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Gakudo in English is becoming a trend because many parents want their kids to be a good English speaker. 
We can offer Gakudo service through online platforms like Zoom. If we use Zoom,  parents can check their kids from their work places. 
Kids don’t need to go anywhere after school. They just need to go home and open their laptop. It’s good for parents too. They don’t need to pick up their kids after work.

What can we offer ?

Our Gakudo will have 2 types of classes, English class and activity class.
English class is the same as our usual kid’s lessons. It will be a group class. Activity class is our new lesson. Basically we play with kids in English. We also teach some skills while we are playing. We teach drawing pictures, singing English songs, reading English books and so on. 
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One course is for 2 hours including breaks. Each class is for 25 minutes. We also have time for homework at the end. Kids can finish their own homework in class. We don’t need to check their homework we just need to observe if they do homework or not, we should let them do it. We are like a supervisor that time. Some kids don’t have homework from their school so we give them English quiz. 
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We believe Gakudo course will be a big market soon. We need to prepare well and wait for opportunities. I hope you join and help us.